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A relaxing grooming experience

Taking the time to calm your dog before grooming

If that means spending an hour or two getting to know your pooch and calming his or her nerves - then so be it! Your dog will be loved and well taken care of when you schedule grooming at The Laundro-Mutt. Quality doesn't always come with extravagance. Our prices are always competitive, and conditioning treatment is included free of charge! We love to see your pooch's coat shine with a healthy glow.

•  Puppy cuts

•  Teddy bear cuts

•  Fancy poodle cuts

•  Widgets

•  Faux hawks

•  Full-body mohawks

•  Field cuts for outdoor play

Expertly trimming for your favorite cuts:

Full-service cleaning for your pooch

Hair is only half the battle in caring for your furry friend! Choose The Laundro-Mutt for a fun, relaxing full-service experience for your dog! He or she will enjoy a full ear cleaning, nail trimming, sanitary clip, and expressing of anal glands as needed. With our Clean Cut Promise you're assured of a quality trim every time. Get a FREE photo magnet with your dog's first grooming from our pet picture professional afterward!