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Leave your feline with caring groomers

A gentle touch for nervous paws

Your feline demands a lot - and he or she isn't happy when grooming time arrives! Never worry: the friendly staff at The Laundro-Mutt have the patience, care and subtle touch needed to relax your cat and ensure he or she enjoys a day at the groomers. Enjoy our Clean Cut Promise: If your pet's trim isn't up to snuff, we'll make it right for you!

•  Lion cuts

•  De-shedding

•  Long-hair breed care

FREE teeth brushing - Ask how!

"Purrfect" styles and cuts:

Safe, healthy treatments for a shining coat

Using only the industry's best natural botanicals, your furry friend will be safe from harsh chemicals at The Laundro-Mutt! From hypoallergenic shampoos to natural oatmeal-based conditioners for sensitive skin, a gentle touch with a vibrant coat is our #1 priority for your pet's well-being! After your feline is trimmed and pampered, you'll get a FREE photo magnet with your cat's first grooming from our pet studio!

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